Receive Incoming Text Replies via Callback URLs

Receive Incoming Text Replies via Callback URLs


You can now set up callback URLs to get incoming replies. ET Server will post to your callback URL incoming SMS messages directly to your application, which means that you get replies s as soon as they arrive.

From your Profile page click Update configurations to set your Callback URL.



The URL must be an active URL. ETserver sends HTTP POST queries to your URL with the variables listed below.


Variable Value
from Sender’s phone number International format.
text The message’s text.
datetime Date and time of message received.
cost Amount in USD charged for this incoming text.



SMS Reseller

How it Works?

Step 1: Request to convert your account to Reseller account by sending an email at
Step 2: You’ll get a reply from Sales team for account updgrade, Now you can see Sub-Accounts option under your ET Account area.
Step 3: Create New accounts by using Sub-Accounts options
Step 4: You can give sub-accounts to your customer and ask them to login at website GlobalBulkSMS.Net

Current Available features:

1 – Custom Pricing – You can set custom pricing/rates for your customer by using Price List option with each sub account
2 – Add funds – You can add as many virtual credit to your customer account. (your customer will be billed as per your price list, and you’ll be billed as ET rates for same message)

Reseller – FAQs

1. How billing will be done?
Answer: You’ll be charged as per ET rates given to you, and your customer will be charged from virtual credit as per your price list you set up for specified destination.
2. What if my Main account balance ended up?
Answer: All the messages your customer execute from sub-account will be FAILED.
3. What if my customer account balance ended up?
Answer: All the messages your customer execute from his account will be FAILED.
4. How can i collect/receive payments from my Customer?
Answer: You can collect payments from your customer by any mean.
5. Is there any fee associated with Reseller Main Account?
Anwer: When ever your account is upgraded to Reseller account, it’ll be 7-day free trial, afterwards you’ll be billing as USD $10.00 per month for each sub-account. It’ll be waived if your sub-account volume exceeds 100k text messages per month.